Chances Are…

Chances are you have wondered as to why someone would hire a marketing coach? What is the value? Why hire a marketing professional to help guide your marketing efforts?

If you were to be arrested, you would hire an attorney, not necessarily to get you to go free, although that would be the best outcome, but to utilize their knowledge and experience in order to provide you with the optimum possible option for your trial. If you were to take ill, you would seek medical attention from a doctor, not because you would necessarily leave the visit a hundred percent well, but again, to seek their knowledge and experience so as to provide you with the optimum possible option for getting better given your particular illness. When you are promoting your business, surely it makes the most sense to seek counsel from a marketing professional who has the knowledge and experience to guide you on the optimum way to enhance your campaign, not as a guarantee of success, but rather as a guide on how to utilize minimum resources and maximizing your return on investment?

As a marketing coach, that is my forte, I have both the insight and experience to see the entire integrated strategic campaign and how it can be implemented effectively and efficiently in order to yield optimum results. Just as the attorney or the doctor, a marketing professional has the insight into how to build and implement a targeted, comprehensive and effective campaign utilizing various marketing efforts and tools in order to maximize return. Dollars are wasted on ineffective marketing efforts daily – very few single solutions work. Business owners are good at what they do, which is why they own and operate their particular business, but very few business owners are intrinsic marketers and even those that are, don’t have the time to keep abreast of current market trends and all the technological advancements that are integrated into traditional marketing campaigns today.

Business is competitive, marketing and promoting your business is even more competitive then ever… in order to stay ahead of the curve, partner with a professional who can help you do just that!

Jacqui Breger is the Founder and CEO of Miracles & Marvels LLC, a locally owned, full service marketing, advertising, PR and web development firm offering comprehensive coaching services, a la carte services or anything in between. Her firm specializes in integrating a strategic comprehensive offline multimedia and online digital campaign creating successful results for their clients.


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