Don’t Set Sail without a Captain

Have you ever taken that leap – you know the one… purchased that full page ad in the glossy magazine, spent that ton of money, dedicated many hours to the wording and the creative, even had a photo shoot done perhaps or hired a graphic designer to make sure your ad is perfect? We’ve all been there… The sales rep is excited, you are excited… this is it! This is the one that is going to make your phones ring off the hook… The big day arrives, the publication hits the news stands… day one, day two, day three… day fourteen… no calls!

I bet, you have even fallen for it AGAIN! The sales rep says that you have to advertise for at least three (some may even tell you six) months before you start to see any return, so you agree… check after check… month after month… return on investment becomes questionable at best…

I assure you, I believe in print advertising, and to all my media buddies out there, please read on before picking up the phone or starting your angry emails to me… I actually REALLY believe in print advertising as a great form of branding and published in the right demographic, targeting the correct target market, it is extremely effective. However, that is the key. Print advertising has to be purchased in the correct demographic for the business or service targeting a clearly defined target market with a catchy creative copy at the right time. In summation, the stars really do have to be aligned. In addition, and most importantly, print advertising cannot be a lone ship. It must sail in a carefully crafted, homogenous fleet moving in the same direction, utilizing various media and methods to communicate with the same target market, but providing the same message so that the message breaks through the waves of noise that are out there.

This is not an easy feat. It takes immense skill to plan and implement a well-orchestrated marketing strategy to generate a high return on investment as described above.  Throwing marketing dollars out on advertising, digital efforts or any other marketing related activities without a well thought out strategy is just like putting a ship in the water and letting it set sail without a compass, directions or a captain to steer it. Marketing activities are expensive and time consuming and so it is important that they are carried out effectively and efficiently. That is why it is paramount to have a Marketing Captain, directions and a compass before embarking on this journey. In doing so, you will reach your destination and be awarded with a successful campaign and a high return on investment.

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