People do Business with People they “LIKE”

Business has always been conducted with people we like. Dating back to the time when produce was purchased at the corner market, consumers purchased repeatedly from those vendors that they liked. Either they felt warm and fuzzy when they frequented their stall as the vendor treated them with respect and kindness, or they always gave the customer a good deal. Whatever the reason, the customer formed a bond and returned day after day to the same vendor to purchase their wares.

Fast forward some years and not much changed. People continued to do business with those store keepers, service vendors or professionals that made them feel comfortable, confident and respected – people they liked! Why chose to go to one particular doctor, dentist, hair dresser, boutique? Why go to a particular grocery store, pharmacy, cell phone provider or insurance broker? The answer is generally the same – we do business with people we like.

We are creatures of habit, we do what makes us feel good and we like to be liked. We work hard to offer good customer service, to offer good products, to enhance our brand image so others will like us and do business with us.

Today, business practice seems to have changed so drastically. We have lost so much of that personal touch we had back in the day where we did business with people we liked. Nowadays most products and services are  available online – making these purchase decisions more impersonal, so how do we stay connected? The simple answer is  – social media…

Social media has become the personal way to connect online. People still need that personal connection and social media sites provide that connection. We just need to understand that Social Media can actually be something really positive – it is just another form of getting to know the vendors, store owners, service providers and people in our community and figuring out who we ‘like’. People don’t change, the medium through which we interact changes, but people don’t – we have always, and will always connect with and do business with people we “LIKE”.



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