Website Design

What is a Website? 

touch screen ,touch- tablet in handsA website is a storefront online. It is a visual image of your product or service that the public can view in the privacy of their own home or office. But more than that, it gives the end user an opportunity to evaluate your brand (image) and gain a perception of who you are and what you do before they even meet you. They have an opportunity to learn a little more about you and your services or your products and they get to determine whether what they see – the products or services reflected on the site – meet their need by evaluating the information, the graphics, the overall look and feel of your website before they even make any contact with you by picking up the phone to call  you or through email. What if your website is not a true reflection of who you really are? What if your website is a dull, lifeless, unsophisticated simple template site, but in reality you offer a highly sophisticated, exciting and dynamic service and when people meet you they are excited to do business with you. Well, then your website is not doing you justice, in fact it is probably creating a negative perception of your business.

If you are going out to eat and are not familiar with any of the restaurants in an area, which restaurant would appeal to you? The one with the sign falling off the wall, two inches of dust outside and the broken bench on the sidewalk or the one with the neon lights, the welcome mat and the fun music playing? Even if you had no idea what the food was like at either establishment, it is more likely you would go with the one that was more lively, less dilapidated and overall cleaner and more exciting.

We at Miracles & Marvels only use web designers who understand marketing and your marketing goals. We integrate your website design and development into your overall marketing strategy. We integrate your Facebook, Linkedin and other social media tools with your website to create one consistent image that will be accurately perceived by your target market.

We create websites that are either portfolio sites, point of sale sites, interactive sites or a combination of these to allow you to draw the most traffic and gain the most benefit from your site.


What good is a website if you cannot find it?

A website is only as good as the traffic it attracts and the people that find it… Without having your website indexed by the major search engines, it will be floating in space with no one to read it or gain any benefit from it, especially you! That is precisely why we have to optimize your site for the Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc… In order to do this, we utilize a number of key methodologies available to us to enable the search engines to recognize that you are an expert in your field and to rank you highly in their listings. This is not something that is done as a once off service, but rather on a monthly basis so as to keep your website ranked higher than the competition.


Google offer every business the opportunity of being found through Google Business. However, it is vital that your business is accurately listed and optimized on Google Business so that it is firstly found and correctly optimized.


Social media is the primary communication tool of todays generation! It is the way people, young and old, are keeping in touch, communicating, getting advise, keeping abreast of what is happening with their friends, relatives and communities. It is the one area where we can really have an impact in the most credible way. However, not all Social Media can be used the same way and many people abuse the use of Social Media causing the reverse of their intended effect. Let Miracles & Marvels help you navigate this new and exciting terrain and train you on how to maximize your utilization of this new media.